[Rokewood Riyadh x Rokewood Sarabi]

Ember is a wonderful example of her line bred pedigree - purpose bred for classic type, strong movement and the soft and gentle, people loving nature so prevalent in her family.
She thrives on attention and is a strong favourite here due to her charming personality.
Only offered to the absolute best of homes, where her beauty and bloodlines will be fully appreciated.
the price may be negotiable - but the home is definitely not.
$4400.00 [incl GST]
(Weston Park Mercury x Thorwood Miss Charlotte)
Bay Welsh B/Section B Riding Pony  filly ~ foaled 04/08/08
Estimated to mature at approximately 12.2 - 13 hands.

Our "Pat Magnet" is now available for sale...
Bella is a lovely filly, with an endearing lovable nature,  a pretty face and big kind eye,
lovely type and good conformation, straight and forward movement and good sound legs and feet.
Being a finer boned Welsh type, she is equally suited breed or open show rings and with her excellent pedigree she'd be a valuable asset to either a Welsh or Riding pony breeding programme.

Offered with a breeding option of one free service to  our riding pony stallion, Ascot in Concert.

Currently in fat and glossy paddock condition and priced accordingly at $2200.00 [incl GST]

(Ascot in Concert x Richdale Tiger Lily)
Bay Riding Pony  filly ~ foaled 08/10/09
Estimated to mature at approximately 12.2 - 13 hands.
Registered Riding Pony, Arabian Riding Pony, APSB Riding Pony, Part Welsh

Our first born In Concert daughter... Trinity is a pony of wonderful quality, with excellent conformation and movement, compact body with a lovely long turn of front, set high on a well laid back shoulder.
She has a kind and obliging nature, as well as that extra brightness and  presence so desired in the ring.

Her pedigree boasts some of the finest of Riding Pony and Welsh breeding, giving her the potential to become a highly competitive show pony and valuable broodmare of the  future.

Price $4400.00 [incl GST]
[Ascot in Concert x Bimbadeen Natasha]
Bay Riding pony/Arabian & APSB Riding Pony/Part Welsh  filly - foaled 9/10/10

Sire: Ascot in Concert [Ascot Classic Silk AI UK / Mirinda Fairy Walk]
Dam: Bimbadeen Natasha [Chippenham Lynx / Bimbadeen Narelle ]

A beautiful riding pony filly in the image of her sire,
Nia has a gorgeous face with tiny tippy ears, a smooth compact body and lovely fine bone.
She is an absolute pet to do anything with and has impeccable stable manners.
Nia will be a highly competitive show pony given the opportunity -
currently measured at 12.2 hands so could be a great future lead rein/first ridden prospect.

Price $4400.00 [incl GST]
A selection of our current crop of foals and yearlings
are now available for sale...

.... all are priced affordably, however prices will rise accordingly as their handling, halter training and show prep continues.

See below, or go to our Foals page for more information.
*Rokewood Tigermoth *
(Ascot in Concert x Richdale Tiger Lily]
Bay  Riding Pony/Arabian Riding pony/Part Welsh Yearling Gelding
Foaled 21/10/2011
*Rokewood Musician*
(Ascot in Concert x Weston Park Music]
Bay  Riding Pony/Arabian Riding pony/Part Welsh yearling Gelding
Foaled 22/10/2011.
*Rokewood Burlesque*
(Ascot in Concert x Brampton Xquisite)
Bay  Riding Pony/Arabian Riding pony/Part Welsh yearling Filly
Foaled 31/10/2011
Photo taken as weanling
Photos taken  29/12/12 - as a 2yo
[in paddock condition]